Expanding Revenue for the Entertainment Industry

Proving fan-sourced, fan-loved, fan-designed solutions to the Kpop industry and beyond that not only monetizes engagement but strengthens the relationship between fans and artists.


Our Way

Our Solution to your Ecommerce Woes.

Floycorp creates a new conversation centered around fan-created designs for approved IP while providing instant merch solutions through POD. 


Fan-designed UGC fanart contests where the fandoms themselves vote for the designs they want to see become actual merchandise.

POD Fulfilled

Winning products enter the marketplace and instantly become large product lines without any logistical or stock risk issues.

Revenue Producing

IP Holders benefit from our instantaneous, fan-driven, merchandise system without any effort beyond collecting a paycheck.

Fandoms make stars a star.

While influencer marketing has been the trend over the last few years, who really are the biggest influencers?

Kpop Artists and Stars whose fandoms make them who they are.

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Fans Dissatisfied with Current Merch Options.

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BTS holds a Majority of the Top 30 Retweets.

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Loss of Live Event Revenue due to Covid-19.

Our Secret Sauce

Our Services for Your Growth

A streamlined ecommerce solution tailored to the entertainment industry. Remove all the legwork, time, and human resources that are holding you back from full monetization through merchandise.

Fan-Sourced UGC Designs

Fan-Designed = Fan-Loved = Fan-Purchased

Entertainment IP Management

Monetize your Entertainment outside of Albums & Live Events


No Longer worry about stock risk or logistics, we handle it all.

Multichannel Markets

From Amazon to Lazada, we meet fans where they buy.

B2B Data

Actionable data verified through “Real Purchases.”

O2O Both Ways

Moving Online-to-Offline Goods & Vice Versa.

Decentralized POD Solutions

The future of production that saves money, time, and the energy needed for merchandise.

Case Studies

Our Past Success can be your Future

Our business model is based on other successful test cases including two of our own projects.

Case Study

Mamamoo Fan Outfit Design

Fan-Engagement but missing Monetization Opportunities.

Case Study

Oneus "Devil" Design Event

Premium design campaign to celebrate the album launch.

Case Study

Ichika Fan Campaign

Helping upcoming idols reach their future potential.