Actionable B2B Data

Social Media Data is running many Company's Decisions, but should it be?

Checking your engagements on twitter is great and can help you get a feel for how your fans are thinking and their interest, but can you base your decisions on that alone?

Entertainment companies need to make the correct decisions: Where to have a concert? How much spending can we anticipate? Without a real purchase verification system, Social Media Data is almost useless.

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Percent of Kpop SNS Engagement from SE Asia.

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Spending on Kpop comes from only the US and Japan.

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Increase YOY on US Spending on Kpop Goods.

We Provide Real "Purchase Verified" Sales Data

While SNS engagement makes your fandom look bigger and more engaged, it’s better to get data from your actual sales than guessing what would be the best course of action in the future.

Daily Sales Figures

See how much revenue you earned through FloyCorp Campaigns.

Product Level Sales

Gain insight on what products your customers want to buy.

Design Sales

Find out the "style" that your fans love the most for future concepts.

Track Customer Feedback

Read through the comments sent about our products in dashboard.

24/7 Data Access

Our dashboard is available whenever you need it.

Request Payments

Place payment requests for your earnings as you need them.

Don't Let your Bad Data,
Make Bad Decisions for you.

Diversify the data you use to make sure you are always making the most correct, most informed, most profitable decisions.