Fan-Sourced Designs

Who knows what they want to buy better than the Fans themselves?

The current top down model is completely backwards. Any merch design goes through an endless internal process of reviews and edits without any input from the consumers.

We aim to turn this model on its head. Instead of only designing internally, we create an ecosystem of interaction and creativity where the consumers are part of the design process.

Fandoms Drive Design & sales

Fan Artist to Fan Designer

Our system gives fan artists a seat at the table for merch decisions.
We created a new model of engagement with design at the core.


Fan-designed UGC fanart contests where the fandoms themselves vote for the designs they want to see become actual merchandise.

Open Marketplace

Any approved fan artists can upload their designs and share revenue for any sales that their amazing art recieve.

Label Supporting

Beyond rewarding our amazing artists, our model gives a percentage of every sale to the Entertainment Company as well. 

Our Design Examples

Why Use Your Fans for Designs?

While most companies think their finger is on the pulse of their fans, they are sorely mistaken. Flip the script and give fans the ability to choose what they like.

How Big Can Fan Art Really Be?
ONEUS Example

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Unofficial Knock-off Goods for Sale

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Fanart Search Results

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