GEE 2021
Global Entertainment Expo

Connecting with Kpop Fans & Artists

Floycorp / Faneia gave both Kpop fans and future business partners a preview of our upcoming Fan-sourced Ecommerce platform release!

We shared our vision for the Future of Ecommerce: Fan-Sourced Design

Floycorp has two main goals: connecting with fans and helping out Entertainment companies. For fans, we love to share about how they can earn from the fan art they already make out of love.

For Kpop labels and other entertainment companies, we showed how our solution instantly solves the merchandise problem they have been struggling with for years.

GEE 2021: A Success for Entertainment Companies & Fans

One of the best parts of the conference (besides meeting fans and other entertainment businesses) was seeing some of the first live performances in almost 2 years! 

Fans were treated to performances from Purple Kiss, CIX, Wooah!, OmegaX and many many others. Our team made sure to take time to watch a bit of each performance to remember why we are here: Kpop.