Test Case:
Ichika Idol Launch Products

Starting off a Kpop Career is tough but Fans want to help and so did Floycorp

Uehara Ichika was a Japanese contestant who participated in the talent show Produce Camp 2021 in China. After being eliminated on the 7th episode, he had to look elsewhere to showcase his talent.

His best option was to try and move into the Kpop scene, so he came to Korea soon after. However, the expenses to develop yourself as an idol are not easy to finance.

Together We Developed a Signature Product Line

To help finance his career development, we worked together with Ichika and his manager to create a product line his fans would love.

Key Takeaways from the Campaign

Even Newer Idols have Merch Opportunities

While not as well known as some other acts, Ichika was able to drive a lot and traffic and purchases for his merch because the fans wanted to help support him.

Kpop Merch Outperforms Most Ecommerce

The rate of purchases for visitors to the site far exceeded that average for almost any other ecommerce competitor. Fans are passionate about supporting their idols.

A Few Social Media Posts Provides Huge Traffic

While the limited campaign only ran for two weeks, he shared our custom site for him 5 times. This lead to more than 5k concurrent users on the site.

Competitive Pricing Drives Sales

Because his fandom was already international, we made sure that we had a range of affordable products. While some ordered only a sticker, many spent $70+ on merch.