Case Study:
Mamamoo Fashion Contest

Mamamoo let their fans design an outfit and the results were amazing.

In order to connect with their fans, Mamamoo tried to do something new. They opened an event where anyone could design what they would wear on stage.

Fans rushed in in droves. The amount of engagement, interest, and pure fan passion it created was a huge win for the group and the label.

What if that Fan Passion was Monetized?

While letting fans act as your fashion coordinator is great, it’s not generating revenue. We want to harness that energy for your profit.

Key Takeaways from the Campaign

Fans Want to be Part of the Design Process

The campaign was a success not only because the fandom wanted to interact with their favorite group but also because they wanted to design for them.

Engagement is Good but Revenue is Better

The social media engagement during the event was a highlight for that year for Mamamoo but a monetization angle would have benefited the group as well.

Fans have a Talent for Design

Since fans know their idols almost as well as their own family, they also know what would look aesthetically pleasing while showing off their own artistic talent.

Fan Campaigns Promote Themselves

Because of the creativity of the campaign, the fans were eager to participate in the event so they actively shared and cross promoted it out of passion.