Test Case:
Oneus "Devil" Album Products

Kpop Groups Really Want a Merch Line but They are Too Busy With Music.

We were talking with our contacts at RBW and listening to the complicated process it required to even get a T-shirt through their internal process as their human resources were stretched too thin as it is.

That’s where Floycorp came in. We helped them launch a merch campaign following the release of their album “Devil.” Not only was it a hit but it also morphed into what we want to do now and in the future.

Key Takeaways from the Campaign

Kpop Labels Don't Have Time to Design Merch

The biggest complaint we heard from their producers was that they wanted a merch line to accompany their album but there wasn’t enough hours in the day to get it done.

Single Retweets Drive Incredible Traffic

With one retweet from the group, we got more than 200k impressions and 40k hits on the site within that 24 hour period. For the label, the effort was only one click.

Fans Love Supporting their Favorite Groups

The outpouring of interest and engagement was incredible for the campaign. Fans were happy to finally have some merch options that went beyond just an album.

We Helped Long-Tail their Revenue

By running the campaign more than a month after the album had released, we not only provided them with extra revenue from our sales but also they noticed a bump in album sales.