POD Systems Connect Orders with Production

Floycorp’s POD System completely removes all of the issues with getting a merchandise line off the ground.

Product Order

As orders come in through any of our multichannel markets, the order is shared instantly to our POD partner.

Product Production

After receiving the order, only then is the product produced while being checked for quality at the same time.

Product Shipping

International and fast shipping is available while distributed POD facilities reduce the overall time and cost of shipping.

How Does a POD System Benefit You?

Long gone is the time where most of shopping was done in a store where physical stock was needed.

No Stock Requirements

Because products are not produced until an order is placed, there is no cost barrier to entry or risk of unsold stock.

Production Level QC

As each product is made as the orders come in, quality control is done on a product level to ensure the high quality that your customers demand.

Faster Shipping Times

The Worldwide POD facilities allow fast shipping whether your customer is in the US, Europe, or Asia.

Huge Product Variety

One design can become more than 400 products from t-shirts, to insulated water bottles, and even custom embroidered aprons.

Our Previous POD Product Lines

This is just a sample of the amount of products you can get out of one design. Schedule an in person visit to check it out yourself.