Our Services


We create solutions for your problem: Merchandise.

No matter the size of the Entertainment company, they are not meeting the mark when it comes to merchandise. Not only are your fans unhappy but you’re leaving monetization options on the table.

Fan Marketing

We help you connect to your fans through what they love: Fan Art.

Instant Designs

Fans help you fill out your empty merch shelf and buy.

Huge Product Lines

With one design, we can create a product line with 100s of products.

Merch Simplified

Let FloyCorp handle everything, you just wait for your payments.

Let's grow your Business Together.

Find out how each of FloyCorp’s individual solutions take all the burdens off of you and put them on us. We strive to be the one-stop shop for your ecommerce problems.

Fan-Sourced UGC Designs

Fan-Designed = Fan-Loved = Fan-Purchased

Entertainment IP Management

Monetize your Entertainment outside of Albums & Live Events


No Longer worry about stock risk or logistics, we handle it all.

Multichannel Markets

From Amazon to Lazada, we meet fans where they buy.

B2B Data

Actionable data verified through “Real Purchases.”

O2O Both Ways

Moving Online-to-Offline Goods & Vice Versa.

Decentralized POD Solutions

The future of production that saves money, time, and the energy needed for merchandise.


How can FloyCorp Help you?

Our goal is to move fans from just passionate followers to brand advocates and even brand representatives. Your fans design for you, earn for you, and earn for themselves.